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About us

About the brand


Created in 2018 by French designer Vanessa Duman, French-York is inspired by a marriage of two cultures: New York and Paris. Indeed, French-York is more than a fashion brand. It’s a cultural experience: French style with a New York twist. It’s a wink toward two iconic looks and two iconic cities.

French-York is designed in the US. The quality of our products is one of the most important considerations.  Our comfortable and warm adults sweatshirts are Made in USA and are Eco-Friendly. Our t-shits are 100% cotton. We also collaborate with local business, the embroidery is made in Lower East Side (Manhattan) and our print is made in Dumbo (Brooklyn).

Our kids collection is cute and fun and our men & women collection is urban and classy. 

All created for you!


About the founder

Born and raised in Paris, France where she entered the fashion world as a press officer, Vanessa Duman decided to begin designing her own clothing line, French-York, in 2018 upon her arrival in NYC. The brand name was inspired by her cultural experience in both France and America, as she aims to fuse the urban edge of NYC with the sophistication of Paris.

Although Vanessa likes to get out of her comfort zone, as evidenced by her passion for traveling and her career endeavors in several countries, French-York focuses on being stylishly relaxed.

“The idea was to create a brand that reflects me and so many other people. The desire of being stylish without looking over dressed. The desire of being well dressed and feeling so comfy in any circumstances. 

 Now is possible with our clothes that are made to be versatile!

You can wear them in different ways (skirts, pants, jeans…) and all seasons! “